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NARRA is a publication launched in collaboration with a stylist who likes to tell stories. Every issue tells a story only through images and documents. Every issue is different from one another ­— size, layout, binding — and every photo serie has its own aesthetics — archive, art photography, fashion image — depending on the storytelling.

NARRA questions how we produce an image and how we perceive it. But it is also a fashion publication and its work of fiction is inspired by the runway shows : new fashion season, new scenario, new characters, new images.

The first issue of Narra is like a criminal investigation report. This investigation is led by a commissioner looking for her sister and height other missing girls.

The criminal — a sociopath artist — leads the commissioner from one clue to another, showing her the darkness of his talent. He is an unlawful sculptor. Poet of horror.

creative direction in collaboration with Sullivan Gumb

stylist : Sullivan Gumb
photographer : me
models : Maeva Lieme, Louise Richard, Anne-Sophie Guillouart, Tempe Cole, Léopoldine Philippe, Manon Daviet, Agathe Bertin, Romy Texier
mua : Charline Carrette